First blog post

There is so much I want to share and stories I want to make sure others know.  Where to start?  I think I will just post normal every day things and throw in some history of my past situations as I go.

Today I have found more ants under my desk here at school/work.  Yesterday, I discovered a line and pile of them on a goldfish cracker a teacher dropped under my desk.  No big deal to most, but I am highly, highly allergic to any insect that bites with some kind of venom.  It’s been over 10 years now since my first hospital trip.  I have never been so terrified as the feeling of your tongue and lips swelling and your throat closing up.  I was then prescribed an Epi-pen and haven’t purchased a new one since.  Do you know how expensive those things are?  Crazy ridiculous!

I quickly gathered my things (thankfully the end of the school day) and headed to pick up my 8 year old.  She suffered from severe anxiety and I unfortunately told her our Wal-mart trip plans needed to change so I could go to the doctor.  Panic set in!  She was in hysterics by the time I reached her, which just made my heart race more.  I made it to the doctor without clawing off my toes, and she quickly gave me a steroid shot.  She threatened to send me to ER, because the swelling was getting bad.

Oh no, no hospital for me.  I know to ice and Benadryl.



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