So much to say!

No idea where to go from here when I have so much stuck in my head.  Daily things that go on, but so much history to get strangers caught up on about my life.  Maybe I’ll skip around; it’s what my mind is doing all the time.

My first child was born just 9 months after my first marriage.  He was a tough baby to handle especially since I had no idea what I was doing.  Keeping kids in day care through high school and college did nothing to help me prepare.  He tried to come 6 weeks early, but not know what a contraction really was, I had no idea.  I realized I hadn’t felt him move in a few hours and began to panic.  After a call to the nurse, drinking orange juice, and waiting for movement, I rushed to the hospital (alone) to find out I was close to going into labor.  Who knew?  I received meds to help his lungs develop and meds to stop the labor.  It worked!  But I felt so guilty for letting it go so far.

Just weeks later, my beautiful first born came into this world.  He is my only son and I am so proud of the man he has grown into.  Very scary smart, handsome, but difficulty relating to people of his same age.  

He is currently in his senior year in college majoring in psychology.  He plans to get his master’s degree and Ph. D.  He will do the research based side of psychology.  maybe he wants to find out why his family and at times himself suffers from such depression and anxiety.

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