Celebrate Recovery?

As most people read these words, their immediate thoughts turn to addiction, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc… Someone who needs this is obviously an addict of some kind. They think 12 step program, serenity prayer, sponsors, meetings…. This is exactly what I thought the first time I saw the sign advertising this program at a local church. Honestly, my therapist, we will call her Courtney from now on, had been encouraging me for weeks to find a support group of some kind for my codependency, depression, and worsening anxiety. I went once, realized it was to religious for me and never went back. A few months passed and the situation was getting worse. I had online support groups, but knew I needed to something face to face. I sucked it up, ate their dinner, took the kids to free childcare, and gave it another chance. This night, a wonderful lady not much older than me gave her testimony. She grew up in a fairly normal childhood, but began drinking early, following the wrong crowd, marrying the wrong guys, and ending up enabling her husband and kids. It hit home. We prayed, sane songs, and broke into small groups. Here we discussed the testimony and how we could relate. The women were so welcoming. I began the 12 step program on another night, and this is where the real work began.

Their 12 or really 8 steps are all similar to the AA 12 steps, but are biblically based. We discussed denial and hope. This is the point in which my life changed forever. While I felt I was making great strides, the rug was pulled out from under me. Just days before her death, I had prayed for God to take control of the situation and that I knew he loved her more than I ever could. Why he felt “taking” her meant death, I will never know or understand? But that is a whole different post.

I encourage anyone with hurts, habits or hang-ups, to research their closest Celebrate Recovery meeting. There is a Facebook page with videos and studies, books to help along the way, and as I can attest many warm, caring, loving people waiting with open arms to help you through your life.




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