A little background on my third baby, although she isn’t a baby, but 8 years old now.  Her daddy and I dated for 4 years before we were married and due to age, quickly began trying for a baby.  He had no children, and I knew he’d be a great daddy.  She was such a daddy’s girl from the beginning.  Because he was disabled, he stayed home and kept her for the first 3 years of her life.  She would run to him for everything instead of me, which I loved, because he was so proud of her.  Showing her off to anyone and everyone that would listen.

We divorced, but he still saw her on weekends and came to parties and field trips.  He tragically passed away unexpectedly at the age of 41.  Our baby was only 5.  She became very clingy and wanted me to never be out of her sight.

Soon after, the problems with her sister began and much of my attention was focused on her.  I left my youngest for 21 days while her sister held on in ICU.  I don’t know that she will ever forget or forgive me for that.  I had also left her for 1 week twice dealing with my own depression and mental issues.  She has felt abandoned numerous times.  Now her sister, who did as much as I did for her when she was young, has also gone on to Heaven.  All those who love and care for her and she loves have left her.

Separation anxiety is a very real thing.  She cries often, never wants to be without me, and finds joy and happiness in very few things.  Please pray that therapy will help bring my happy funny girl back.  She deserves to have a “normal” childhood for what is left before she turns into a pre-teen.  Her childhood innocence has been stolen and replaced with reality.  Reality Sucks!


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