Big Girl Panties

Madelyn, my beautiful granddaughter, wore her first pair of big girl panties to school today.  She was so excited and showed everyone walking in and out of the doors of day care.  Princess ones, she kept telling them, pulling her shorts down to her knees.  Everyone was so sweet and made a huge deal of it.

One of those lasts…you know how there are so many lasts only you don’t know it’s going to be a last.  Last time buying diapers, no more sippy cups, no more carrying them around (although this will last a while longer), no more help needed to wash their hair, etc…

She tried drying herself off after her bath Sunday night, another last.  When will be the last time she helps me cook, helps me feed the dog, water the plants?  Having raised 3 (one still just 8), I know how time flies and before you know it, the list of lasts will be very long.

Along with that list comes lots of firsts.  Firsts I can’t help, but feel so sad about these days like her in her Sophia panties and so many events in years to come whether big or small.  Like today, her Mommy wasn’t there to take her picture in all of her glory.  She will miss so many things, just as Delanie’s Daddy and my Daddy did.

I promised Dallas I would never ever let Madelyn forget who her Mommy was and how much she loved her.  I will document every first for both Dallas and Madelyn.  Firsts should be joyous and I pray every day (all day) that I am strong enough to again some day find joy in all of them13719699_10209357891171825_6738523627104628564_o.

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