Leaving Facebook….

Is it the best thing to do right now for me?  YES!  Another great recommendation from my therapist that I have been putting off for a long time.

When others talk about addictions or vices to drugs or alcohol, I talk about food and Facebook.  Well, I can’t live without food, so Facebook it is.  Facebook has been an issue for me for years, but I never could have the strength to deactivate for good.  It was like a train wreck I couldn’t turn away from.  At first I accepted every friend request, but as my life began to fall apart; I soon learned who were my real friends and who weren’t.  I had been a part of a Mom group since I was pregnant with Delanie, who is 8 now.  I will miss them so much for advice and listening.  The true friends form that group have my number and will stay in touch.  Plus, I can still be on messenger without a Facebook account.

I will miss staying in touch with family that I rarely get to see and also knowing what’s going on in the world.  I refuse to watch the news these days, because it is so depressing just by itself.

It’s amazing how much time I have on my hands now.  I mean really amazing to me.  I have extra time in the mornings and don’t feel rushed anymore.  This is time I’m going to be using to do of my Celebrate Recovery and bible study work.  I have time at work now to read for a little while or complete paperwork without feeling rushed or like I’m waiting until the last minute.  Time at night is now used for reading to Madelyn (not that I never did before), relaxing and watching some tv (football), or just spending time with Delanie when we can sneak it in without Madelyn.

Now I will focus on my blog and other more important things in my life than Facebook.  My days of long rants, sad posts, venting, and other things I did post on Facebook are now over.  (I do like to look at the On This Day/memories, though).  

Goodbye my vice of Facebook.  


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