Some of her favorites

I seemed to ramble on about dating and Saturday nights, so maybe I can stay more on topic today. I feel like she’s already slipping away. No one talks about her, except Delanie and I. Yes, my baby girl is talking about her big sister. It makes me smile. 

Sweet tea, sunny d, milk (she said she craved it near the end)

Lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs, but only with stinky-feet cheese.  🙂

Chocolate cake, but no kind of icing.

Cheetos both regular and puffs hot or not

Whopper, Jr. With mayo, ketchup, and tomato, Mcdonald fries, Wendy’s frosty  

Diamonds, her birthstone

Owls, giraffes, dragonflies

Yellow, but at one time it was pink

Cheering, but not being made to be the back spot because she was so tall and strong

Grease, Phantom of the Opera, scary movies

Rap and hip hop, but country before that

Zoo, Halloween, the beach

Speaking her mind, but deep down she was always wanting approval

Her favorite thing was by far her baby girl. The one person she was trying so desperately to get clean for when she passed away. 


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