What I know about…


It is more crippling for me than depression. 

It comes out of nowhere and I can keep myself worked up all day and night. 

Most medicines for this make me too sleepy to function normally. 

People can turn the smallest thing into a catastrophe and there’s a medical term for that. Who knew?

I thought I just worried, a lot. 

I’m positive my grandma had this for years. 

Dallas suffered from it, but wouldn’t take medicine or stay on medicine for it. 

It can make you feel like you are dying. You can’t breathe and it feels like your heart is coming out of your chest. 

It makes you think irrational thoughts and almost paranoid. 

It wakes up a child in the middle of the night with her mind racing. 

It makes you fear losing people. So much that you push them away, so they can’t leave you first. 

It’s an evil unseen illness where your own mind works against you just like depression. 


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