ICU, Scope, and so much more

These are just a few events from September 14, 2015.

I woke up and called Dallas’s hospital room to no answer.  I quickly called the nurse’s station.  I was told they had no patient named Elizabeth Roberson. What? You must be mistaken; I just left her last night at bedtime. After much discussion, I asked to speak to the charge nurse. She also told me there wasn’t a patient by that name. Frustrated, I called the receptionist and she quickly told me Elizabeth Roberson was in ICU and the room number. Amazing that 2 nurses wouldn’t tell a parent where her child was, but a receptionist could tell anyone. This would be the first of many, many disagreements with this hospital. How do you move a patient to ICU and not inform the family? She had me listed as emergency contact and able to find out information. Isn’t ICU an emergency?

After learning of this, I called in to work, and rushed to the hospital. I knew the  MRSA was back although she had never run this type of fever before.  I kept getting told it was because she was detoxing.  BS! She’s detoxed both other times and times at home and although it is a horrible experience, she never had this stupid fever.

I arrived to find her uncovered on a cooling pad.  She immediately began begging me for a blanket.  Getting someone’s fever down this way seems so cruel.  All they said they could give her was tylenol?  Really, in ICU for high fever, you get Tylenol.  They finally began alternating meds.

Right after I arrived, an hematologist from West Clinic, came in to examine her.  He revealed to us that she had no platelets.  Now more reassurance of the infection being back in her valves.  As the blood is traveling through her very damaged heart, they are destroyed.  She was now getting plasma and platelets.  The scope was an hour away.

She had had this same procedure numerous times to get the best view of the back of her heart and the valves.I have yet to meet the cardiologist treating her, because he makes rounds after 10 pm.  Some people have others depending on them to be home at night.

Devastating news.  The same mitral and trip-cuspid valves were infected.  This is the 3rd time the valves have vegetation (what they refer to as the infectious growths) on them.  This is the worst news possible.  I didn’t want to be the one to tell her, but even under sedation from the procedure she asked.  I couldn’t lie to her, so I cried and told her.  I thought that would be the hardest conversation. (of course, I was so wrong)  We both knew her heart and weakened body would not be able to withstand another open heart surgery.  The cardiologist promised to at least call me later that night.

To make matters much worse, my mom was admitted this same day for pancreatitis.  She was in severe pain and even more upset, because she couldn’t visit Dallas.

The roller coaster of my life was definitely on the way down.


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