The hell of the ICU begins…

Late September 17, 18th and 19th….

Great news before I left her late on the 17th.  The fever had broken and she was actually sitting up in a chair.  She felt so much better, and I remember the first talk of surgery between she and I.  How hopeful we were.

The next morning it came back with a vengeance reaching 104 and staying there.  She kept shaking uncontrollably and begging me to help her.  She was so tired, and although she never said it, I knew at times she just wanted to give up.  She was sick of being so sick.  The only semi-good news we received was that her platelets were better and the last blood cultures were negative.  The antibiotics were working.  No discussion of surgery.

The next morning was when the real nightmare of BMH-DeSoto began.  I arrived and she still was spiking a fever of 104 and no one seemed concerned.  She remained on the cooling blanket with no covers, and it was heartbreaking to watch her body shiver uncontrollably.  No rest when you run that kind of fever and are on an ice cooling blanket.  By noon that morning, it was discovered that she had had a latex catheter in her the whole week she had been there.  She has an allergy to latex and was wearing a read latex allergy bracelet.  Maybe this was helping the infection and the fever continue.

The decision to try and get her transferred to another hospital began.  Who knew that leaving one hospital to go somewhere you preferred would be so damn difficult.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when the heart surgeon told me to bring her maple syrup to cure the MRSA and to dress Madelyn like a therapy dog to sneak her in to see Dallas.  WTH?  Are you kidding me?  These are the professionals I’m trusting my daughter’s life with?

I began asking for a social worker or someone to help me get the transfer process started.  Just like there was no infectious disease dr. on call the weekend before, no social worker in the building.  This big hospital had no social workers on call?  I was being told that a dr. from the other hospital has to call and request that she be moved to his hospital as his patient.  So, I’m supposed to call around to different cardiologist that have never seen her and try to get them to accept a high risk patient.  Please!  Her surgeon has only seen her twice in over a week.  They had also told Dallas, without me present, that there would be no surgery.  They were going to send her home with antibiotics.  We couldn’t get a second opinion, because only one group of heart drs. went to that hospital.  I was then told there was a law that stated only way to transfer is if that hospital couldn’t handle her case.  Obviously, they couldn’t.  They tried to kill her with a latex catheter for a week.

The charge nurse told me I was on my own to find a receiving dr., because there was no medical reason to transfer her.  I told them trying to kill her with that catheter was a medical reason.  This began my visits and conversation with the administration of the hospital.

The decision to leave AMA was being discussed.  She needed to be back with her surgeon in Tupleo and the infectious disease dr. there.  I was ready to drive her in my car, but the fever was still so high and she was in ICU.  No one signs out AMA out of ICU.

My blood pressure is rising just thinking about all of this again and again how poorly addicts are treated by some of the medical communities.

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