Continuing the hospital stay…

These days last year were full of bad news.  Even though her fever had lowered, it continued to spike at times.  They moved her to a regular room.  In the move, they apparently “lost” her items.  Her Northface jacket and phone included.  It took hours for me to hunt down her things.  They were in her ICU room, where the person moving her, had left them. The hospital and nurses were quickly getting to know me.

I had contacted the patient advocate, head of nursing, and the administrator of the hospital by this time.  Amazingly, things began changing when I threatened to sue due to their medical incompetence and refusal to help me get her moved to Tupelo.

A scan showed something on her kidney about the same time her fevered began spiking again each night.  They went in to drain the cyst, only to discover it was a mass.  They biopsied it, and it came back as some type of blood clot.  They seemed unconcerned, as usual.

Another scope was done on her valves, like the antibiotics were going to cure the vegetation on her heart valves.  We all knew the only thing to cure her would be surgery to replace the infected valves and pacemaker.

Again, the decision to leave AMA was tossed back and forth.  Would insurance pay in Tupleo if we left AMA?  Did I really care?  Tupelo had forgiven over $500,000 from her first stay in ICU.  She was an adult with no job and disabled.  Who were they going to sue to get their money and my daughter’s life was at stake?

❤ y’all


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