Catching up….

I didn’t write a lot last week, or did I write at all?  We had a very busy, but good week with therapy, playing at the park, Celebrate Recovery, the fair, and visiting my son for his birthday.  How can I be old enough to have a 22 year old and be raising a 2 year old?

The hospital drama continued last year at this time with Dallas having 18+ days of fever.  Her blood pressure dropped so quickly when they got her up for physical therapy, she collapsed and had a seizure.  Of course, I wasn’t notified even though I was on the emergency list and list to receive any medical information.  The battle to have her transferred continued with us now being told that a dr. from another hospital had to call and request a transfer.  So easy to just call and get in touch with a cardiologist and them ask for a transfer of a high risk heart patient they’ve never laid eyes on.  The attempt to get a second opinion was fruitless, because the Stern clinic is the only cardio group seeing patients at Baptist DeSoto.

The last scene showed no infection in any other part of her body, so we knew the antibiotics were working.  The TEE scope showed no improvement in her heart valves, because hello? nothing solved that problem except surgery and new valves.  We already had been through that.

The decision was made on October 1st to sign out AMA and go through Tupleo ER.  The rude  and inconsiderate staff at Baptist allowed her to sign herself out, walk to my car, and tried to let her leave with no discharge paperwork to take with us.  If you review AMA law, the patient is to be treated as any other patient being discharged.  I’ve never known a hospital to allow a patient to walk and not ride in a wheelchair.  She was so weak.  I have told many family members and friends to please allow me to pass before taking me to that hospital.

This is one of the many visits where Madelyn came to visit her mom.  Notice she isn’t even getting an IV of antibiotics at this point.



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