Campaigns to stop whatever…

Having been a teacher for so long, I have seen numerous campaigns to stop, prevent, or deal with all kinds of situations.

It seems each month has some kind of awareness title.  This month is bullying prevention and bullying awareness.  I’m sorry, but this is such a joke.  My wonderful intelligent son was bullied relentlessly during his school years.  Nothing gets through to the bullies; it seems.  Some of these kids were bullied and just find someone they can bully.  Some are raised by adults that were and are bullies.  Those are the worst, because they insist their child is always right.

Then there’s the very effective, Just Say No, campaign.  Had it really worked we wouldn’t be battling a heroin epidemic in this country.  I am in no way saying I have a solution, but I do know most addictions stem from some form of mental illness: depression, anxiety, just low self-esteem in general.  I know many addicts that do not think themselves worthy of so many things.  If we could improve the mental health treatment in this country, I’m sure  we would have less addiction issues.

Just a little soap box for today.

❤ y’all



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