I’ll never forget….

Dallas never called; she always text me. So when I saw the phone, I knew something was wrong.  Her heart surgeon, the one who had saved her life twice, had just delivered the worst news anyone could hear.  She heard it alone at 19 years old hours away from me.  There would be no surgery this time.  No hope of mending her broken heart.  Staying in the hospital hooked to antibiotic IVs to lessen the pain and extend her time alive or going home with hospice and maybe 6 months to live.

How would anyone take this news?  Even an older person with a long life lived would be devastated, but a young mom couldn’t handle it.  She was crying; I was crying and promising I was on my way.  A very long drive with too much time to think.

This was the first of many times she begged me to not let her die.  There is no way to describe how hearing your child saying those words hurts and now haunts me.

The phone calls began trying to find a surgeon any where that would accept her case.  I think my mom and I called hundreds of hospitals or doctors offices.  We posted on Facebook on Dallas’s support page and anywhere else we could think to get help.  We had people from all over the country and even the world telling us about great Drs..  People were very helpful, but as soon as Drs.. heard MRSA infection and iv drug use, they quickly declined helping us.

Every denial was heartbreaking.  How could all of these people turn their backs on a young mom and send her to her death?  How do these people sleep at night?  What if it were their family member?

Everyone makes mistakes, but shouldn’t have to die because of them.

❤ y’all


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