Madelyn Grace

I’m not even sure where to start writing about this special little girl.  She is truly a gift from God.

I will be honest in saying I was not really happy when I heard my daughter was expecting.  I found out on Valentine’s Day of 2013: not from Dallas, but from her ex-boyfriend.  She had posted it on FB before even telling me.  I admit I was hurt.

As soon as the reality really sunk in, which was during her first office visit and ultrasound, I began to embrace the idea of being a grandma (DeDe).  Grandma sounds like an old lady, I had a close friend at the time named Mimi, and Gigi sounds like a stripper, so DeDe it is.  I was truly grateful that at this point, Dallas had finished high school, a year ahead of her peers.

I went to every doctor visit and began getting concerned when Dallas was gaining no weight.  Not only was she not gaining weight, but was losing it.  She did not live with me at this time, but at her boyfriend’s house with his addict mom and her boyfriend.  I soon learned that food was scarce at this house, as no one in the home worked.  Dallas was very stubborn and refused to come home where I knew she would be better taken care of.

Summer came and went and as fall approached the anticipation grew.  We did find out pretty early that it was going to be a girl, Madelyn Grace.  Dallas had an ultrasound at almost every visit due to her being high risk because of her age and weight issues.  We literally watched Madelyn grow each month.  Her hair was so long, that we could see it moving around in the pictures.

With just a month or so left, Dallas moved back home and we set up the nursery in a part of her room.  Her room was the bonus room over our garage, so there was plenty of room for them both.  She, of course, became very uncomfortable and the due date came and went.  We now know that the doctor really let her go over too many weeks (2 whole weeks).

Madelyn came into this world on October 31, 2013.  Our Halloween baby.  It was a scary birth as they already knew she had swallowed some meconium.  I have never seen anyone beat a baby as hard as they did to get this nasty stuff out of her lungs.  I was terrified.  As per my  pre-birth instructions, Dallas told me to stay with the baby and take video and pictures.  My mom stayed with Dallas and little did I know the emergency that was taking place with her. The doctor couldn’t stop the bleeding.  Eventually (what seemed like hours), Madelyn was breathing better (no trip to the NICU was needed) and the bleeding had slowed.

Of course, I think she was the most beautiful baby in the world (along with my 3) with a head full of blond/red hair.  My baby now had a baby of her own.  Life was good!


❤ y’all!



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