Random thoughts

Just some ramblings from my mind:  LOL

State tests to graduate high school serve no real purpose.

Birthdays without Dallas suck.  Everyday without her sucks.

This is getting harder not easier.

Faking it and trying to stay busy is exhausting and I’m not sure how much longer I can do it.

Fighting solves nothing, but explaining that to teenagers gets you no where.

Some people should never teach.

Medicine has been a lifesaver (literally) for me.

Choosing guardians for my sweet girls was an easy thing, but hard to think about.

God and I are good.  He didn’t cause this pain and I know He understands because he also saw his child suffer.

Gossiping is hard to stop when you feel unfairly treated.

My sweet Madelyn is as typical as any other 3 year old; I don’t care what others say.

Losing pictures has now developed into my worst fear (well not worst, but close)

Selecting each picture and emailing to myself to delete them from an old phone is tedious, but even my tech kids at school can’t seem to help me.

I think someone can die from a broken heart caused by grief and/or just complete exhaustion.

Cats are weird.

I love my car, but don’t worship it or anything.

I miss my pool so badly.  I mean I cry about not having it.  It was more therapy than I truly thought it was.

Maybe that’s enough for now.

❤ y’all



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