There are no words….

When I first stumbled on this picture online, I sat dumbfounded and physically sick.

Then the sadness came for the mother of this young man.  What I am dealing with daily is small in comparison to what she must be feeling.  I try to remember there is always someone dealing with something worse than me.

Next and pretty quickly came rage.  Not just anger at the event that took place, but rage at the person who is supposed to be there to help in any way possible.  Rage at the person who thought it would be okay to take the picture.

Before I even type this, I know this is not the way a Christian should think much less put in writing for the world to see.  If I was this mom or if I had the ability to decide their fate, I would wish the addiction of heroin on them.  Their punishment would be being held and given heroin until they were battling this disease.  Until their family had to handle the devastation of having a child, father, brother as an addict.  That seems like a fair consequence to me.  You see, I don’t think getting fired from their job and sued by the mother is enough, not even close.  That is nothing compared to the damage they have done.

You see, I believe there is a very special place in hell for people who take advantage of those less fortunate then themselves.

St. Louis mom wants answers after photo of officer posing with her dead son surfaces

Let me know your thoughts on sick people like this.

My ❤ to this family and y’all



2 thoughts on “There are no words….

  1. dottie says:

    I’d love to fill his body full of drugs and put thumbs up on him as he begs for more drugs….I’m so mad and sickened I want to tell this mother I’d do whatever she wanted me to to help her get through this…I’m so ashamed of people. .


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