Being ill when you’re a single parent….

Early this morning it hit me.  A stomach virus or food poisoning, either way it was vicious on my old body.

I forced myself to get up and get ready for work.  I even woke up the girls and got them ready for school.  Big mistake. Before I even got lunches together, I was back on the bathroom floor.  I just couldn’t do.

Now, I was going to have an 8 and 3 year old to care for when I couldn’t even leave the bed.  My girls were better than I could’ve ever hoped for.  Delanie occupied herself on the computer and Madelyn laid in the bed with me on the iPad rubbing my face and hair  she kept asking me if I felt bad and telling me I could go to her doctor.

They ate junk food all day  little Debbie cakes, pretzels, chips.  When I got up to help Madelyn go to the bathroom, I would manage to get them drinks.

It was a bad day all around, but I was so proud of them for being good all roundness helping me make it through.


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