Insensitive Ignorant People

They’re everywhere.  I guess I’ve known this since Dallas’s struggle began.  You see, I was never really in denial.  It was what it was.  I was naive though. I thought she’d get out of the hospital from the first surgery and never use again.  When she did use again, she would just go to rehab, get better, and come home. Problem solved.

My point is that until I was really in the middle of this evil called addiction, I thought maybe the same as others. Never my children.  They weren’t raised around any of that, they were taught right from wrong, and they were both so smart.  The difference with the people I’m talking about and myself is the judgemental part.

In the last 3 years, I have met some of the most insensitive ignorant people in my life.  They make rude comments without even thinking twice about it. They hide behind their computer to spew hate and judgment.  Every topic having to do with drugs and addiction: rehab, insurance help, methadone, narcan…..

What’s the most hurtful is when it doesn’t come from complete strangers, like the lady on my daughter’s field trip. She was talking about her daughter hating school.  She said she told her that she would get an education or she would end up homeless and living under a bridge.  It took everything and God for sure to keep me from screaming that my daughter was an honor roll student, finished high school a year early, and could’ve been anything in the world she wanted to be. She ended up one of “those homeless” people under a bridge  not by a choice of her own.

But like I said before, it hurts so much more coming from people you think are more open minded and are your friends. Walking in while someone is referring to someone else as a methhead. That “methhead” is someone’s child.  Easy to judge when you don’t even have children of your own.  Or when you walk into a conversation where someone is blaming/bashing the parent for not being concerned about their child in rehab.  I know from experience, as a parent of a child who went through 5 rehabs, you have to make yourself get to a point where you try to save yourself and the others in the family.  Never ever blame a parent when you have no idea what they’ve tried and been through.

Please just think before you open your mouth around anyone.  You have no idea what they’re going through or have gone through in the past.

❤ y’all 



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