November of 2014

As there may be readers who do not know the whole story of how my nightmare began, I will document the events leading up to Dallas’s death.  I also feel I need to keep a record of the events for my own memories and for Madelyn to be able to know what a courageous battle her Mommy fought to beat her addiction.

It stated with a diagnosis of bronchitis.  No chest x-ray.  Antibiotics didn’t help at all.  It then turned into painful joints.  Knees and ankles very swollen.  Aleve for pain and steroids for swelling.   Then the petechiae showed up. That’s when it really got scary.


Now the diagnosis became a lupus type illness typically seen in young children.  Still no chest x-ray for the difficulty breathing.  I know you’re thinking why didn’t we change doctors during this time or even suggest an x-ray.  The diagnosis just kept changing and we went to 2 different doctors and an emergency room.  We trusted the medical professionals.  During this very painful time, Dallas continued going to classes at the local community college.  The last few days using my mom’s walker.  She was so embarrassed, but wanted to go to class.

During this time, I was keeping Madelyn (out of town where I lived then), because she was in too much pain to even walk much less care for a 1 year old. Dallas was staying with my mom to finish out the semester.  She did come down on the weekends and try to spend as much time as possible with Madelyn.

Thanksgiving was hard that year.  Nothing seemed to ease her pain and the doctors kept telling us there was no “cure” for this type of illness.  It would return periodically and be less painful each time.  Too bad they were so off on what was really happening in my baby’s body.

Her last trip to my house was Thursday, December 4th, 2014.  I will begin the post about the month of December soon.

❤ y’all




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