Acts of kindness….

Pay it forward is another way to describe these acts for others that you do and expect absolutely nothing in return.

When Dallas was sick the first time, so many people prayed, text me, called me, and/or donated money to us.  I have never felt that much kindness in my life.  People brought snacks, change for the machines in ICU, things to keep me busy, and gift cards.  My co-workers from Oxford Middle School gave me a gift card with hundreds of dollars on it.  I was so shocked, not because I didn’t know I worked with great people, but I had only been there a few months.  A group of internet moms, that I have known since before Delanie was born, brought gifts for the younger girls, gift cards, and more.

When Dallas was sent home on hospice, friends again stepped up.  I started a gofundme account for her, because I needed help in making some of her last wishes come true.  So many people contributed and one person gave $2000.  My aunt donated her airline miles for our Disney World trip and my mom’s work (Hilton) donated a beautiful suite and tickets for admission to all the parks.  The day care “adopted” our family for Christmas and we all got so many things.  A very special friend also “adopted” us and gave the girls and Dallas and I many wonderful gifts.  These were all such huge acts of kindness.  I always said when I was able to help, I would pay it forward.

I am doing my best to keep that promise.  I “adopted” 5 residents from a local nursing home and bought gifts from their wish list for Christmas.  Not much, but all I could do right now.

I also gave a young man a ride home in the cold rain this past weekend.  I know this was taking a chance, but it was like someone was telling me to do it.  After I dropped him off, all I could think about were the times Dallas had to walk places. Once, she showed up at home with her sandals falling apart, because she had walked so far to get there.  (She had been given 2 cars, just so you know I wouldn’t let her do that with no help first.  That’s a post for another time.)

Try to show someone kindness today.  Not just at Thanksgiving or Christmas, but all year long.  You never know how it may change their life.

❤ y’all



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