December 5th, 2014

Although I’ve written about the beginning of the end before, this day would be the day my life and Dallas’s changed forever.

December 5th started as a regular day with me taking Madelyn to the sitter, Delanie to school, and me going to work.  Dallas had just returned to my house in Water Valley for the weekend.  She was still struggling to go to school and coming to my house to see Madelyn on the weekends.

She text me early in the day and told me she felt really bad and she also sent a picture of her foot.  She had worn new boots on Thanksgiving with no socks (like always) and they had rubbed a couple of blisters on her heel and side of her foot.  She had doctored them and put band aids on them, too.  The picture was sickening.  We had no idea why they would be so bad, so quickly.  I promised her I’d take her back to the hospital as soon as I got home with the girls.  This is the picture she sent:

What I found when I got home will forever be ingrained in my mind.  She was in bed upstairs and didn’t answer at all when I called up the stairs to ask if she was ready.  I opened the door and she could barely speak.  She couldn’t move at all and was in excruciating pain, especially in her legs.  I changed her from shorts into long pants all the while she was crying in pain.  My husband (ex now) came and carried her down the stairs and into my car.  I promised Delanie (then just 6 that I would be back before she woke up the next day).

All the way to the Oxford hospital, Dallas was crying and drinking water bottle after water bottle (3 in 30 minutes).  When we got there, I got a wheelchair to put her in, but bless her I almost dropped her putting her in it and hit her feet setting up the foot rests.  After our usual wait, they took us back to an ER room.  We had already been to this hospital once and been diagnosed with HSP (lupus type condition) and only given steroids.

She was triaged and they ordered blood to be drawn.  They also gave her pain meds in an IV, and she relaxed a lot.  The dr. came in to tell us that Dallas was pregnant and she suddenly came around.  She was screaming it wasn’t possible at all.  I was just in shock.  Since she had come around, she was suddenly starving.  I knew we would be a while and I took her order and ran to Burger King.  It was 10-11 at night by this time.

They then spoke to the hospital in Tupelo and told us she needed to be transferred there to have an evaluation with a rheumatologist. They also said they tested her blood again and they made a mistake.  She wasn’t pregnant.  A hospital that can’t even get a pregnancy test right.

We then waited for all the paperwork between hospitals and were told an ambulance would be on the way.  Every 30 minutes, I asked how much longer.  After 2 hours, we were told the ambulance had to get a girl that had been run over by a truck at the lake.  Excuse me, there’s only one ambulance for the whole Lafayette county.  The discussion began of me taking her myself instead of waiting around with her in pain.  I finally just made the decision to take her.

They handed me a an envelope with all of her test results and admission papers for me to take.  We moved her into my car again crying even with pain medicine.  About 1 or 2 in the morning, we began our trip to Tupelo.

To be continued…..

❤ y’all



One thought on “December 5th, 2014

  1. Dottie says:

    It’s like a Curtin call coming reading your blog right now…I will forever have my feelings. Just as each person does. Thing as a mother does. But cuz. I so do have your empty spot inside me. Miss you. t mean that to make sadness mean t to show love and how irreplaceable u are to me as is dallas…


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