December 6, 2014

The drive to Tupelo was in one of the worst storms I’ve ever driven in in my life.  It was raining so hard, I was going about 20 mph with my hands gripping the wheel and my face close to the windshield.  Dallas was so worried, but eventually just slumped in her seat.  She only woke up to beg for water (she had drank the 2 bottles we brought with us).  She was freezing and I had the heat turned up as high as it would go.  For those that know me, you know I was sweating profusely and would sneak the window down ever once in a while.  A normal drive of about an hour ended up taking us 2.  It was now 4 in the morning of the 6th when we drove up to the ER at Tupelo Medical Center.

A security guard and nurse helped get Dallas in a wheelchair and into the lobby.  I parked in the parking garage and met her in the empty lobby.  It took about 30 minutes for someone to come and take us to a room already reserved for her.  During that time, she sat with her legs propped up on my lap trying to find a comfortable position.  She was still freezing and had the chills by this point.  Finally a woman came to take us upstairs and quickly took us to what we thought would be Dallas’s room.

As the nurses were getting her temp and BP, a dr. rushed in and told the nurses to get some certain medicine going immediately.  They looked panicked.  I had just taken my shoes off and was truly falling asleep sitting straight up (I’d been up 24 hours at this point) when the dr. turned to us and said she would be going straight to ICU.  She was a very, very sick young lady.  I don’t think it had time to sink in before 4-5 nurses came in and started trying to get IVs started.  She was so dehydrated, they had trouble getting anything to work.  The dr. came back in yelling about why they weren’t started that medicine yet.

Within 5 minutes, we were practically running to ICU.  We got off the elevator and Dallas was wheeled one way and I was told to go the opposite way.  I didn’t even get to say anything to her.  I stumbled into the ICU waiting room and checked in at the desk.  I was asked a lot of questions, which I guess I answered on automatic pilot, and I was given a brochure of information and “rules of the ICU”.  The man repeatedly asked me her age saying it was so unusual to have an 18 year old in ICU.  I sat down in shock.  It was dark in the waiting area and people were just waking up and putting their linens up.  It was probably 5 am, and I began texting my mom and my husband.

I’ll finish the rest of Saturday, December 6th later.




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