December 7th and 8th

These days were truly a blur.  People coming and going.  Every visit worse than the one before.  I never left even though I was encouraged to a lot.  How could you leave your child knowing anything could happen at any time?

She had so many doctors, but thankfully the infectious disease dr. seemed to be the one that talked to me most and kept me updated.  He encouraged me every time we talked to leave and go home to rest.  Her kidneys were failing, she had serious infection in her lungs, and they were questioning if the MRSA infection had reached her brain.  A CT scan was done and thankfully, no infection was detected.

During our visits, we found out more and more things were damaged.  They performed a scope of her heart and discovered 3 of her 4 heart valves had vegetation on them.  Vegetation always made me think of broccoli, no idea why.  The infection was also being spread, because with the pulmonary valve being involved.  Every time her heart pumped, the vegetation was being spread through out her blood and body.

No one had even looked at her foot at this time, except to be wrapped.  I know this seemed insignificant considering she was so sick, but it will become serious as time went on.

The 7th came with her heart rate going all over the place and chances that she had had a heart attack.  More damage to her heart.  Her lungs were in worse shape with abscesses and a hole causing one lung to collapse.

I met the cardiac surgeon, Dr. Talton.  He told me he was very blunt and I told him that was perfectly good with me.  I wanted no false hope.  He told me there was no way she was strong enough to even consider surgery at this point.  We needed to pray the antibiotics worked to help make her stronger.

After another night of being told she might not make it, I called her father again.  This time I guess he thought he might make a visit.  Now he became super-dad.  He would come for the morning visit, play on his computer, do the last of the day visit, and go to a hotel.  He all of the sudden became concerned about each test, the results, and what was the next step.

❤ y’all



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