A couple of random thoughts…

To distract a moment from my daughter’s story, I’d thought I share of couple of events from this past week.

When did the human race become so selfish and self-centered?  I watched an older gentleman in front of Wal-mart ringing the bell for the Salvation Army.  He was happily singing Jingle Bells and wishing everyone who passed God Bless and Merry Christmas.  I in my car and watched as almost everyone just ignored him, but he kept on not deterred at all.  I had already gone in and given a dollar, smiled at him and wished him a Merry Christmas.  He was kind of rough looking in old worn out clothes and barely a warm coat.  I gave another dollar on the way out and again wished him Merry Christmas and God Bless him.  Have you heard those stories about how maybe Jesus is here on Earth disguised as someone else.  Treat people with respect and think about how Jesus would want you to treat them.  So sad.  Yes, I teared up as I drove away hoping he would have somewhere to go that night and be warm.

Have you ever been involved in any kind of state tests for high school students?  Years ago, the state of MS decided there would be 4 subjects state tested and students would have to pass each of these to graduate.  It doesn’t matter if you have an A in the class, but fail the test.  No diploma for you.  I think about how I would’ve felt having to pass these tests. My anxiety would’ve been through the roof.  Your whole high school career, college, and your path in life determined by 4 tests.  So ridiculous!  For most the tests seem fairly easy, but for students with disabilities these tests can be overwhelming.  Some accommodations are allowed to ease the rigor, but not many.  As I proctor these tests, I walk around feeling so hurt for the kids who know they won’t ever get a diploma.



One thought on “A couple of random thoughts…

  1. Mary E Curtis says:

    I feel you about the tests. People have no idea how our studnets have struggled the entire semester or year just to get a passisng grade, then they have to try to pass the course test. SO unfair


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