Surgery Day

I took a few weeks off during the holidays, so now back to Dallas’s story. 

I got to see Dallas for a few minutes the morning of her surgery. Very hard to do knowing she had a very small chance of even making it off the heart/lung machine. The surgeon had asked if I had any questions before the surgery. I had thought all night about what I wanted to know most. I asked if he had children. Indeed, he did. A daughter about Dallas’s age. I asked if he believed in God. Yes, he did. Both of those answers gave me peace. 

They promised to keep me updated through each step. There was a young man that I had watched come in and out of ICU every day updating families. I had memorized his speech. It really didn’t vary from patient to patient. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very nice the first time he’d come around to tell me something. I profusely apologized and was much kinder with each update. The surgery seemed to take forever. Time stood still. 

When he finally came to tell me she had made it off the machine, and they were finishing up, I finally let the tears flow. It’s like I let out a huge breath I had been holding for 10 days. I finally let my fear out and collapsed with exhaustion. 

It would be hours of course before I could see her again. They did replace 2 valves and had to give her a temporary pacemaker. A permanent one would be inserted at a later date. 

She had made it through the toughest part. A miracle from God. My miracle baby girl!

❤ y’all 



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