Blessing Bags

I thought of many things I’d love to do to honor Dallas on her birthday.  I decided to make blessing bags for the homeless.  I posted online hoping for donations and the outpouring of love was tremendous.

I had a friend who worked for a hotel bring me boxes and boxes of supplies.  I had a good friend at my Celebrate Recovery make up her own bags to go with mine with snacks.  The National Honor Society at the high school where I teach brought in items, too.  Just so much love for the homeless and for Dallas’s memory.

The bags were put together on a Friday night with some of my wonderful friends at Celebrate Recovery.  Some of them had never even met me, but was more than happy to help.

I have more than 100 bags put together waiting to be handed out.  It’s rained the last 2 weekends, so I’m waiting for a nicer day to hand them out.  I will more than likely have the girls with me, so I may end up taking them all to the Union Mission in downtown.  I’d love to meet some of the people who will benefit from other’s generosity, but if I don’t that’s totally okay, too.

❤ y’all


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